[Podcast] RAMP Investing With Maynard Paton

24 June 2021
By Maynard Paton

I recently spoke to Jon Kingston on his Capital Employed podcast. I talked about:

  • My investing background and approach (more details here);
  • The types of companies I invest in;
  • Two recent purchases: System1 and M Winkworth, and;
  • What I learned from Jim Slater.

You can listen to the podcast here:

Alternatively you can listen through Youtube…

…or through the links below:

I mention these links at the end of the podcast:

Happy listening! 

Maynard Paton

5 thoughts on “[Podcast] RAMP Investing With Maynard Paton”

  1. Thanks Maynard

    Shame about the timing of the delayed accounts for SYS1.

    I’m a little nervous that it may not be good news.


  2. You were great on the podcast. I really enjoyed it. I hope you do some more.
    Your interviewer was not terribly “interactive” or “dynamic”, but there we go.

    • Thanks Stephen. To be fair to Jon, he was much more interactive during the recording, but he re-recorded his questions for editing purposes and to make me sound good :-)



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