[Event] Could You Do Me This Quick Favour?

28 October 2019
By Maynard Paton

Could you do me this quick favour?

I am taking part in a charity ‘kickathon’ this weekend (2nd and 3rd November), raising money for three good causes.

If you have ever enjoyed my free blog, then now is your chance to show your appreciation and make a donation :-)

This link gives full details of the event. Essentially a group of us martial-arts students are aiming to perform 200,000 kicks over two days. I will be happy with 10,000 kicks and the ability to walk afterwards!

All contributions will be gratefully received. Simply click on this link to donate.

Many thanks.

Maynard Paton

One thought on “[Event] Could You Do Me This Quick Favour?

  1. Maynard Paton Post author


    10,000 kicks done! 3hrs 47mins, and sore legs. But I do have the ability to walk!

    Many thanks to everyone who has donated — very much appreciated.



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