[Podcast] PHOTO-ME INTERNATIONAL With Mark Atkinson And Maynard Paton

19 June 2022
By Maynard Paton

I recently recorded a pilot episode of The Private Investor’s Podcast with my good friend Mark Atkinson. We talked about Photo-Me International and the investment potential of passport photos and self-service washing machines: 

We cover:

  • 00:00 Introduction and portfolio YTDs.
  • 00:52 Photo-Me and why Mark has been buying.
  • 05:10 Is self-service laundry a winning business model?
  • 09:26 How do the fruit juice and pizza machines work?
  • 12:16 The financials of Photo-Me.
  • 13:51 Serge Crasnianski recently invested £20m. What does he know?
  • 19:01 Other directors and the absence of a board-level CFO.
  • 19:51 The recent trading statement and expected revenue.
  • 20:24 Is Mark still bullish and would he buy more?
  • 22:51 How big a position is Photo-Me for Mark?
  • 23:26 Would Maynard now buy Photo-Me?

We may record more podcasts if sufficient interest is shown!

Happy listening!

Maynard Paton

PS: The recording took place on 14 June 2022.

7 thoughts on “[Podcast] PHOTO-ME INTERNATIONAL With Mark Atkinson And Maynard Paton”

  1. Looking forward to this! There are too many generic investment podcasts, but not enough specific company related podcasts. I will definitely be subscribing to this.

  2. hi Maynard

    Enjoyed your new blog.

    I held PHTM a few years back but sold about 4/5 years ago when growth prospects on the Launderette side seemed to be stalling. SP hasn’t recovered since.

    Given that most households own a washing machine (and replacement is regarded as necessaey rather than discretional spend) plus the photo booth side may be in structural decline I can’t really see the attraction here.

    Would be great to hear more company specific podcasts.

    kind regards


  3. Interesting take.
    Underplayed the inflation resistant qualities of the business and operational gearing.
    As a result it pays an attractive dividend and guidance gas been raised x2 so far this year.


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