SharePad Guide:
Financial Charts

Last updated: 29 August 2020
By Maynard Paton

Welcome to part 4 of my UNOFFICIAL SharePad guide for new subscribers!

This page describes how to install the 12 financial charts I have used most frequently within my SharePad articles

This page showcases examples of the 12 financial charts.

Official SharePad Tutorials: Fundamental Charts | Phil Oakley’s Financial Charts

Disclosure: This blog page contains SharePad affiliate links.

Just follow these instructions:

1) Click on the Chat speech-bubble icon within the top SharePad menu:

2) The Chat room box will now appear. Click Change then select Search for a chat room… 

3) The Search for a chat room box will now appear. Type Maynard into the search box:

Select Maynard’s Financial Charts and then click Select.

4) The Chat room name will change to Maynard’s Financial Charts. Use the slider to scroll up to the top of the chat room:

5) Click either 10 more or 100 more to display all of the earlier messages:

All of the earlier messages will now appear:

6) Click on the first green downward arrow:

7) The message Change current share to see this downloaded chart? will appear:

Click Confirm.

The current share will change to XP Power Ltd.

The downloaded chart will appear in the green data half of SharePad with a red triangle in the bottom-right corner:

Click the red triangle.

8) The message Would you like to import this chart chart into your settings? will appear:

Click Confirm.

9) Click Setting at the bottom and the financial chart will be shown with the prefix WEB:

10) Repeat the process above for the remaining 11 financial charts listed in the Chat room:

11) Once completed, click Setting at the bottom and all 12 financial charts should be listed:

12) The financial charts can be renamed by selecting the appropriate chart and then selecting Rename this setting:

13) You may inadvertently download the same chart more than once and discover you have extra financial charts prefixed with (Chat):

If so, select the appropriate chart and then select Delete this setting.

14) All done!

Happy investing with SharePad!

Maynard Paton