WANTED: Enthusiastic Contributors For New Investment Forum

Last updated: 23 May 2020
By Maynard Paton

I have launched a new investment discussion forum.

I started the forum because I became frustrated how other investment communities had developed.

Drawbacks included:

  • Lack of moderation resulting in widespread trolls and abuse — ADVFN
  • Superficial share chat and non-investment discussions — Twitter
  • An unstructured comment system behind a paywall — Stockopedia
  • Ancient PHP bulletin-boards that lacked modern-day forum features — Lemonfool

There had to be a better solution, and Quidisq — or quality UK investment discussion — was it. 

A proper investment forum using proper forum software — where investors can enjoy vibrant stock-market discussions free of noise and aggravation.

You can join me in this forum today. I am looking for enthusiastic participants — people who can initiate something reasonably substantive and sensible on a particular company, portfolio or investing theme, to get a high-quality discussion going.

So: if you, too, feel online investment discussion is ripe for change, just submit your email using the form below (and select the Contributor button!)

Together we could build a community that celebrates the very best private-investor discussions.

At this stage I am not looking for lurkers — a discussion forum will not grow without contributors! However, prospective lurkers can join a waiting list using the form below — and access details will be sent in due course.

Any questions? Just get in touch here.

Maynard Paton

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    (Note: You can always contact me by e-mail if the above form does not work. The first part of the address is forum and the second part is my website’s name).